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Global Hemp & Cannabis Influencer Community

The movement towards globalization has started and pockets of communities are quickly developing. As of today, there is no real influential platform that has emerged with the primary intent of strengthening and connecting all the communities, until now…

LeafHub is designed to be the global platform that will bring everyone together on a centralized platform and allow anyone to participate, collaborate, communicate, and celebrate all the freedoms and benefits that are legally allowed today and tomorrow. Welcome to LeafHub, the first and only centralized hemp, cannabis, and beyond platform designed to grow into the largest global community with massive influence.


The Mission

Connect The World

LeafHub is the only unified platform to bring the benefits of blockchain, defi, web3, direct messaging, and crypto to all the hemp, cannabis, and related communities of the world. By building on the massive success of the many social media platforms available today, and with the recent success of Metaverse derivitave applications, we now have all of the tools necessary to link together a global community of scientists, businesses, enthusiasts, advocates, and hobbyists and give them a massive unified voice. As the only organization presently pesuing this specific vision, LeafHub will eventually be the best platform to provide large scale services to the world.

As governments further legalize cannabis on a federal and national level, recent events in the markets such as crypto assets will mature and standards will become universally adopted. Better regulations and strategic legal trade will be positioned to commerce on a global scale.

The LeafHub Philosophy

Technology + Community = Influence

Stay connected, be influential. Without the current technology trends, none of this would be possible. That’s why LeafHub is built on a robust application stack, super fast blockchain network, and a very clever strategy using tokens and NFT’s to promote a strong community focus.



Marketplace is the area of the platform where retail vendors can offer their products to our retail members. User can peruse many retail products the platform has to offer, make comment, and can communicate with the vendors via LeafNet. Users can read product descriptions, ratings, reviews, and broadcast a message to the community asking about the product or join specific discussion forums for more information.



Wholesale is the area of the platform where business vendors can offer their products to other wholesale vendors for B2B transactions. Vendors can sell, barter, or auction off their products on the platform and respond to offers via LeafNet. Vendors can modify their product descriptions, adjust quantity levels, read reviews, and can send and receive broadcast messages to the vendor community, or direct message retail users.



Dashboard is the area of the platform where business vendors can see their product offerings or purchase from other vendors via B2B transactions. Vendors can sell, barter, auction, or partially purchase products on the platform and respond to offers via LeafNet. Vendors can modify their virtual store and communicate with their followed vendor community and use our messaging system.



LeafNet is the messaging application and backbone of the LeafHub platform. This is where everyone in the community can interact with each other, following our user policy. LeafNet is used to transmit verification information to users. The system will also automatically inform users and vendors of  product offerings and other information relevant to the platform, can send & receive broadcast messages from the vendor community, or direct message other retail users.



Every influencer’s dream is to be able to interact with a community. The community is where all of the fun happens. You can be yourself, share your thoughts and concerns, and speak your mind. Whether you are a “Mild” or “Wild” soul, you are welcome to attend. For the cannabis enthusiast, there’s the “STEEZY” community and for the more holistic enthusiast we bring them the “DEEZY” community. Every community is able to discuss any common topics, make suggestions, show your commitment by purchasing some tokens. Users can custom NFT’s which you can use as your avatar within LeafHub.


What People are Saying

“My new full-time business.”

“Using this platform made me quit my 9-5 job. Changed my life forever.


“Fabulous experience & flawless service”

“Buying from a trusted wholesaler made my business with LeafHub very profitable. I was able to track my shipments real time using their dashboard and be able to talk to my customers using LeafNet.


“Another successful transaction”

“No stupid delays or time-sensitive pages.


“Simply easy to navigate”

“I love how easy it is to navigate the platform and the integration of their chat platform is exceptional.”


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News And Events

Welcome to the News and Events Center where we announce all the exciting news and upcoming events as our community grows and our platform and partners grow…

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Hours of Operation

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Administration & Legal
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